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It is easy to reach an agreement, and the name is profitable. “Stone of prophecy” can stimulate the third eye chakra (pine fruit). Healing headache, nervous disease, difficulty breathing, stomach problems and head mixed eyes

Sun Stone

Gold to kumquat red, the composition of the veins is orange-red flakes with the same granular hematite and stellite iron ore. The radiant light gives off a super shiny metallic luster, which is milder and softer than the moonstone. The glare of the channel is as bright as the sun.

Moon Stone

There are two major production areas in the market, such as Sri Lanka and Mozambique. Generous, high-quality and generous moonstones are mostly produced in Sri Lanka... but the representatives of Mozambique and Moonstone Oh... And the Sri Lankan stone flashes a glorious glow that will give off different colors such as blue, yellow, silver, etc. ~ and Mozambique will only shine blue light... When you bring moonstone, you can pay attention to it...

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is an amethyst product from the area around Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, which also contains copper, silver, lead, zinc and other metal co-forms.

Rutilated Quartz Gold

Glittering, glamorous, wearing a generous blonde crystal is like wearing a strip of shining stars, and it’s a gaze

K2 Blue

From the hard granite and the special blue dot appearance of the blue copper mine, it will become a "K2 Blue" name. The blue-copper mine is a rare energy ore that promotes the balance of body and mind, eliminates emotional difficulties, restores the self-cleaning heart, creates a balance between body and mind, and strengthens intuition.


It is said that the sea sapphire is the embodiment of the sea elf scorpion and has the energy of water, and the crystal type is the beryl family with emerald, which is included in the semi-precious stone. Like diamonds, 4 C can be used for higher grades.


The beautiful green color of malachite can help the wearer to face the crowd and show their best side. It is like a peacock showing the self.
As for the spiritual part, the canal can also ward off evil, the holder can predict the danger, or help to avoid accidents/, as amulets, avoid nightmares.

Brazilian crystal cluster

There are big and small, light and heavy, and the strength of the earthquake is strong and weak.Everything is different,just like a human being.Everyone has a unique appearance and personality.Personality.️


Can get the charm, need to heal the wounds of intimacy, get rid of sadness or depression


The output is large, so the cargo is also cheaper. His energy is strong and has the effect of evil spirits. He can wear it as a talisman.

Tridacna Stone

It has the function of ridding evil spirits, eliminating disasters and protecting peace and safety.


Improve interpersonal relationships. It can also enhance the relationship between people and business, and is very suitable for people who often need to contact customers.